Kara Selke

JD, CIPT, CIPP/E, FIP, CLP - Vice President of Commercial Development & Privacy

StreetLight Data, Inc.

Kara Selke, JD, CIPT, CIPP/E, FIP, CLP is Vice President of Commercial Development & Privacy for StreetLight Data, Inc., a company using location based services (LBS) data from connected cars, GPS enabled phones, and other connected devices to create transportation analytics.  Kara joined StreetLight early on with the two founders, building privacy by design into the organization, leading commercial development and securing the data assets required to build the company’s core transportation analytics platform. Prior to joining StreetLight, Kara held various positions in mapping for in-vehicle navigation, geospatial privacy, licensing, and law, including as SVP of Intellectual Property & Privacy for DMTI Spatial, Inc., VP of Intelligent Mapping at Navitrak, and Manager of Emerging Markets at Navteq (acquired by Nokia, currently HERE). Kara is member of the Advisory Board at Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), an active member of the IAPP, and formerly served as Vice-Chair and Board Member of ITS Canada, Expert Delegate to ISO-TC204 and TC211, and was a founder of The Centre For Geospatial Law & Policy.


Eric J. Miller 

Professor (BASc, MASc University of Toronto; PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - Director of the UofT Transportation Research Institute

Professor Eric J. Miller (BASc, MASc University of Toronto; PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has been a faculty member in the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto since 1983, where he is currently Director of the UofT Transportation Research Institute. He is Research Director of the University’s Data Management Group (responsible for the largest travel survey data collection program in Canada), and the Travel Modelling Group (works closely with Toronto region transportation agencies in improving travel demand modelling operational practice). He is past-Chair of the US Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Travel Behavior and Values and the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR). He is a Member Emeritus of the TRB Transportation Demand Forecasting Committee. He is the recipient of the Institute of Transportation Engineers 2009 Wilbur S. Smith Distinguished Educator Award, the inaugural winner of the University of British Columbia Margolese National Design for Living Award (2012), and the IATBR Lifetime Achievement Award (2018).


Jan Kestle

President and CEO - Environics Analytics

President and CEO of Environics Analytics (EA), Jan Kestle has been a leader in the marketing information industry for more than forty years. An expert in using statistics and mathematics to help solve business challenges, she directed the initiatives that led to the creation of EA’s PRIZM segmentation system, WealthScapes financial database and ENVISION business intelligence platform, among other products. Over the years, she’s helped hundreds of customers—in industries ranging from finance and retail to the not-for-profit sector—turn data and analytics into insight, strategy and engagement. Prior to founding EA in 2003, Jan was president of Compusearch and spent 19 years at the Ontario Statistical Centre. Active in the marketing community, she is a member of the Canadian Statistics Advisory Council, the Board of Directors of the Canadian Marketing Association and the Advisory Board of Ryerson University School of Geography. A frequent conference speaker, she is the recipient of a Bachelor of Science degree in applied mathematics from the University of Western Ontario.


Pam Snively

Chief Data and Trust Officer, TELUS

Pamela Snively is the Chief Data & Trust Officer at TELUS. She leads the team responsible for privacy governance and data ethics, along with data management and a number of compliance functions, including the Anti-bribery & Corruption and Competition Law programs.  Pam approaches overall data governance through the lens of customer trust, leveraging TELUS’ Customer First principle to drive the organization’s commitment to privacy and data ethics.   

Pam is a lawyer but has dedicated most of her career to developing and operationalizing privacy best practices, either as a consultant or in-house. Under Pam’s leadership, TELUS has significantly transformed its approach to transparency about its data handling practices. This has included a refresh of the TELUS Privacy Centre to include layered information on TELUS' data management practices, as well as some best practices to help our customers protect their information. Pam has also published the framework for her privacy management program online, encouraging TELUS’ customers to more fully understand what responsible private sector organizations do to protect privacy.

Pamela was the recipient of the 2017 Ontario Bar Association’s Karen Spector Memorial Award for Excellence in Privacy Law. She participates in a number of national and international think-tanks and governance bodies related to privacy and data governance, including serving as a Board member for the Information Accountability Foundation and on the Privacy and Data Advisory Committee for the Canadian Marketing Association.  She is also a founding member and Chair of Canada’s Business Privacy Group, a working group made up of some of Canada’s leading privacy professionals and industry associations focused on building trust in Canada’s digital ecosystem and legislative regime.
Pam is a frequent speaker on privacy and data ethics and she actively encourages other organizations to join her in her mission to earn and elevate consumer trust in our digital ecosystem.


Mathieu Turgeon-Pelchat

Professional Project Officer, 

Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, Natural Resources Canada

Mathieu has a bachelor’s degree in applied geomatics from the University of Sherbrooke and has been working for the Canada Center for Mapping and Earth Observation at Natural Resources Canada since 2016. His work interests include the use of remote sensing tools for location-based decision-making, promoting access and use of open source geospatial data and software and developing AI-based geospatial solutions at scale. He has been working on AI-based geospatial feature extraction from optical satellite imagery for the last two and a half years and is currently pursuing its master’s degree on deep learning based lidar point cloud classification at the University of Sherbrooke.


This tech talk will dive into the task of deep learning applied to remote sensing. It will explore the use deep learning techniques for feature extraction from high-resolution satellite imagery, for on-demand mapping purposes. This talk will go into the details of Geo-Deep-Learning, an open-source software developed by the Canada Center for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO) and its collaborators and the ideas driving its development. The session will also cover the challenges we’re currently facing and those to come, moving towards production. This talk is for anyone who is interested in making AI and deep learning more than just buzz words.


Arda Erturk

Chief Marketing Offer, ROLL Scooters

Arda is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder, and Chief Communications Officer of Roll, an e-scooter and bike share start-up. Throughout his undergraduate career at University of Toronto, Arda gained valuable experience in both private and public sector. He worked at Scotiabank as a Solutions Architect where he spent most of his time under Global Banking and Markets. In addition to his professional career, he is serving on administrative boards at UofT such as Academic Board.

p ramsey.jpeg

Paul Ramsey

Executive Geospatial Engineer with Crunchy Data

Executive Geospatial Engineer with Crunchy Data, is one of the original founders, and a major contributor to PostGIS. Ramsey is an open source programmer and educator. He has been working with geospatial software for over 15 years: consulting to government and industry; building a geospatial software company; and programming on open source software. He co-founded the PostGIS spatial database project in 2001, and is currently an active developer and member of the project steering committee. In 2008, Paul received the Sol Katz Award for achievement in open source geospatial software. Paul speaks and teaches regularly at conferences around the world.


Peter Miron

Senior Vice President, Research & Development

Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Environics Analytics, Peter Miron leads the development of new data products and solutions. The original architect of much of the company’s financial data—including the Consumer Buying Power, HouseholdSpend and WealthScapes databases—he has more than a dozen years of experience in modeling the demographic and economic conditions of Canada and the United States, and extracting data-based insights for the benefit of clients and the general public. His interdisciplinary background includes expertise in quantitative economics, database development, financial analysis, mathematical optimization, micro-simulations, regional science, spatial modeling and statistical techniques. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto and a Master of Spatial Analysis degree from Ryerson University.


John Taranu

Customer Engineer at Google

John is a Customer Engineer at Google, working with enterprise customers to understand, plan, deploy and operate secure enterprise solutions successfully on GCP.  In this role John works with the numerous specialist teams at Google Cloud, as well as with product managers, engineering, account executives, support and professional services to ensure we meet the needs of our customers within the rapidly growing Google Cloud.


Prior to joining Google, John started in the field of GIS including Google Maps, and has been working on GCP since its earliest days in 2010.  He led a team of software developers and cloud architects at former Google Enterprise Partners of the Year.  He holds degrees in Computer Science and GIS from the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo.